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Guillermo Cides

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Summary of the
Concert of Stickistas
in Buenos Aires, Argentina

leer version en español

Organized by the Argentinean musicians, and with the support of Guillermo Cides through the Stick Center and Emmett Chapman through Stick Enterprises, a new edition of the Concerts of Stickistas was presented in Buenos Aires the last September, 10.
This way, experienced Stickistas offered their art and music.


"A magic night "
by Miguel López - coordinator

Thank you Irene for translation!




The night was really magical from the very beginning.
We all were at the sound test, each one testing his own set, the lights taking its place, many people getting the audotorium ready...

At 10:15 p.m. it start a part of the audience started to arrive and they waited in the entrance hall.

At 10:50 p.m. the entrance doors opened. Daniel Mastrorilli had already begun to put together his musical passages, with a sound that grew from the silence. The public made itself comfortable quietly while a person with completely barefoot dressed in black - with an oriental look - orchestrated loop and Stick sounds. The music flowed in the atmpsphere of peace and it reminded a mixture of chamber music and religious music at the same time.
An excellent start!

11:17 p.m. On the stage appeared "El Tano" who took the roles of presenter-showman-actor, with his character of disoriented and fearful man, making the night a mixture of theater and concert, and presenting the musicians of the first part. This way the concert began.
Next appears Dirseus, with his Stick and his long hair! As if he represented some old ancestor of music, he leaned toward his instrument and the music leaned toward toward him in an overflowing and impressive execution. He was accompanied by Pablo Erusalimsky on the saxophone which matched his melodies perfectly in that exuberant repertoire. The song " Merceditas " closed the presentation of that Stick of 12 strings and its incredible rider.
Bernardo Dominguez's excellent band enters to scene in a direct manner. Really powerful, precise and rich in textures and sounds. A very stylistic and personal mixture of melody and jazz-rock l. A great moment of energy of the night.
The last song of Dominguez "Emerger una luz" was still sounding, when Miguel López was presented with his Stickbass of 8 strings. He carried out a soloist interpretation of tangos with the Stick, later alternating them with the folk and the rhythmic music accompanied by Marcelo Torres on the acoustic guitar, with whom he forms the band "Ultimo Deseo."
What followed was a sound trip through a graphite Stick. I refer to Matías Betti who carried the sounds to not very well-known places and with beautiful melodies for the ears of the public. He charmed the public with his good posture with the Stick, sprinkling delays and spacious sounds for the whole concert hall. He played a version of the song " Limelight " (Chaplin) and closed his show with his song "El sostenido y vertiginoso avance del tiempo"






Once again appears our presenter "El Tano" with the presentation of the second part of the show.
It is
Daniel Sanchez's turn with his MIDI stick. He is accompanied by 3 Stickistas to complete the Stick Ensamble: Betti, Dominguez and López. The sound is that of living nature, and, as if it were a cradle song, sounds the song Clear Waters of G. Cides.

It is now the turn of Gustavo Vidal from Mendoza province. In this occasion the Stick Bass returns with a lower and direct register. He executed works of classical style, with some tango in the middle and a beautiful melody of his own repertoire for the end. His arrhythmic form of playing gives a very personal style to his execution.

For the end of the show, a stickista of trajectory: José Albarracin, the owner of compact sound and a very interesting harmonic use. He played instrumental themes with his guitarist Pucci and other songs accompanied by the voice of Cappeta. A really fantastic end for our concert.

Through the two hours of the show the public did not move from their seats and was captivated by the different sounds of the artists.
An unforgettable night that will be in the minds and in the hearts of who lived it.
Other music is possible!



Photorama: the pictures of the show...
Click to enlarge / click para ampliar




Listen some mp3 of songs of the players:

Bernardo Dominguez <mp3>
Dirseus <mp3>
Jose Albarracin <mp3>
Matias Betti <mp3>
Miguel Lopez <mp3>
Ensamble de Stickistas <mp3>






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