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Guillermo Cides

 Stick  Stick Stick Stick

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artist guest

Teatro Gran Rex
Buenos Aires
9.000 peoples in 3 days!




From the Guillermo Cides concert's Logbook

It sometimes surprises myself the fact of up to where a Concert of Stick can arrive.
It is true that the destiny has smiled to the Stickist that writes today these lines, written a few hours after having participated of a series of concerts of three days, with one of the more legendary bands of the history of rock: Jethro Tull.
Something similar had happened with the tour with Roger Hodgson across 6 countries of South America, but I can assure that the adrenaline that have circulated through my veins in these last days, was really special.
The surprise of the public when seeing a musician without history for them - like am I -; standing there, in the middle of the scenario, playing an instrument without history -like it is the Stick -; it presupposes a curiosity very similar to my curiosity when seeing them there, seated and expectant in front of me ... I believe that it was the ideal situation for a Stick concert.
If you can read these lines while listening the mp3 recorded just from the stage, maybe you will revive what I'm telling you here.
My concert was of a half hour, and then it was the turn of Jethro Tull of exactly two hours!


The first day, I believe that the first surprise was for the musicians of Ian Anderson. They finished their sound check and then it was my turn. All they were there, waitting what would I do with my Stick, what caused in my certain nervousness, I should be sincere. But after these years of concerts, somehow I have gotten used to these experiences in similar situations, especially with Fish and Rick Wakeman -. Anyway, to be nervous is one of my pleasures during the concerts. The passion is announced previously in this way







I have been able to see that many of these big musicians take their concerts in a very amusing way, the truth is that during those three days, it was breathed an air of tranquility, good humor and professionalism.
By the way, my gratefulness to the argentinean stickistas Matias Betti and Miguel Lopez that assisted me on the stage the whole time







Ian was very kind, and very interested in knowing about the Stick.
We were speaking during those nights.
In one of them, before entering to scene, I remember that I told him:
- I'm nervous, Ian!
- No problem, it will be a good night...
- There I go..!
And soon after I plunged into the stage in front of 3.000 expectant people...




I should say that the public from Argentina is very fervent and participant (as a data I will only say that when the Rolling Stones went to Buenos Aires, they offered 7 concerts for replete soccer stadiums!).
I felt again at home and I let myself to be carried by the chords of my songs.
Here, I leave you one of them so that at least, you can imagine that you are inside the theater.

I hope you enjoy it.




Los dias que vendran (Cides)

"The days that will come"
This song speak of your days, and the future days of everyone of us.

Inedited song.
Live Teatro Gran Rex











Thanks to the incredible band Jethro Tull, especially to Ian and his son (road manager), and to the excellent drummer Doane Perry; to the organizers from Ake Music Production, to my sound engineer Guillermo Zuloaga (my Stick sounded gauntly fantastic!) and to the incredible Argentinean public. My heart will be always with all them.



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