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Guillermo Cides

 Stick  Stick Stick Stick

The Stick Center Records ™

In a band format with artist guest: a spontaneous album with multiple sounds and compositions.

"This Argentinian Stick player is simply incredible. The way he creates bright sound layers via electronic looping and chime-y, multi-octave plucking, places him in the realm of one-man orchestra. He expands the palette exponentially with occasional accompaniment by the Caturga Percussion Group, a tabla/gamelan player, a flute player, vocalist, and on one track a six-member Stick ensemble. It is an exotic musical juncture where Progressive, World music, Classical, Ambient and Jazz converge. Irresistible stuff!
Jhon Collinge - Progression Magazine, USA.

En formato de grupo y con artistas invitados, un álbum espontáneo de múltiples sonidos y composiciones.

“El Stickista argentino es simplemente increíble. En este álbum logra brillantes sonidos de loops transformándolo en un hombre orquesta. Expande su paleta con acompañamientos de grupos percusionistas, un gamelán, tabla, flautistas, vocalistas y el Ensamble de seis Stickistas. Primitivo es un lugar donde el Progressivo, la World Music, el Clasico, el Ambient y el Jazz convergen. Irresistible.”
Jhon Collinge - Progression Magazine, USA.


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