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Put a man like Cides behind that strapping instrument that looks much like a giant, poised Praying Mantis and there begins a stunning and provocative transcendental duet. Guillermo Cides and the Chapman Stick are a unique and compatible pairing of souls.

The Chapman Stick, albeit seemingly simple in its design, is an instrument that never ceases to arouse the curiosity and respect of some of the most serious and sophisticated of musicians and audiences. Made popular by Tony Levin in his live concerts with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel, and featured in the recordings of musicians such as John Lennon and Yoko One, Bruce Cockburn, David Sylvian, Thoya Wilcox, Yes, etc., the Stick continues its timely evolution.

Concerts and Stick solo recordings find Cides to be one of the most active performers and proponents of the Stick with his albums, “El Mundo Interior de los Planetas,” “Primitivo,” and “The Bach Tribute.” Emmett Chapman, inventor of the Stick, eloquently states, “Guillermo is first and foremost a true artist, regardless of the musical tool in his hands. Before the unique bass and melody lines, before the advanced music theory, before the amazing “chops,” he is unfailingly guided by his highest faculty of mind, a noble philosophy which shapes his performances and gives his music a living trajectory. I’m honored that he chose my Stick instrument as his means of expression.”

Cides has played in concert as a guest artist with Roger Hodgson (Supertramp); Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Jethro Tull; Fish (Marillion); John Wetton (Asia, UK); Rick Wakeman (Yes); Trey Gunn (King Crimson) and also tours extensively as a headline performer. He is the founder of the first Stick Center in Spain and spends much of the year performing in several cities in Spain and other countries in Europe, South America and North America, including the United Kingdom, Holland, France, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States. A significant and on-going project for him is The Stick Trio, presenting virtuosi of the Stick: Cides (Argentina), Ron Baggerman (Holland) and Jim Lampi (United Kingdom). They have performed together in many European theaters and festivals, concurrently forming a formidable team of instructors for international Stick seminars.

From his office in cyberspace, Cides oversees international communications between Stickists, artists, promotions and fans.
Guillermo Cides pushes inner and outer boundaries with one of progressive music's trademark instruments.
By LINDA CUSHMA, with translation assistance from FLAVIO MIRANDA.
© Progression • Winter 2006
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