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Guillermo Cides

 Stick  Stick Stick Stick

German Stick players compilation

leer version en castellano


What good news: a compilation of stickistas of Germany!
This compilation CD is the result of a long series of activites that our friends of Germany have initiated, similar to events and activities in Spain. Both countries are the most active in Europe in the diffusion and presentation of "Artists of the Stick" through concerts, media, press and CDs.

Perhaps many of the musicians who participated in this compilation are new to the world of the Stick, and many others are already professional players, but the certain thing is that the efforts of these 16 german artists presents a true freshness from the first one to the last song, where each song has its own personality and style.

You will find songs played with solo Stick; there are also combinations of instruments that include drums, acoustic guitars, electronic rhythm and singers.
My first impression after listening to this CD was to identify the honest attempt to transcend the "demonstration" or virtuosity of the players to enhance the composition of the songs. This is a quality that speaks of a community of Stickistas that seem to be finding their way to artistic maturity.

As a defender of the emotion, rather than of the astonishment of fast execution, I can see here a clear example of the effort of a group of people that want to leave good taste and positive memories of things done by love of music, instead of the stamp of their own names.

Highly recommended!

Guillermo Cides
Stick Center director


1) X- Ray Simon
2) Johannes Herrmann
3) Andre Müller
4) Thomas Ederer
5) Mathias Sorof
6) Johannes Korn
7) Christian Büchele
8) Stefan Huth
9) Marc Mennigmann
10) Beam/Michael Schwarz
11) Oliver Fox
12) Boris Moench
13) Thomas Fox
14) Michael Koch / Volker Schuhacher
15) Frank Heim
16) Basstelstube / Igl Scönwitz


How to buy:

Europa / Knockout -music
Usa / Stick Enterprises



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