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Guillermo Cides

 Stick  Stick Stick Stick

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Welcom to our renewed Web Site!

The last months, we have been working hard in order to offer a more dynamic site plenty of music -and I also have now my personal Web Site! Thanks to the web masters Estitxu and Pere Vidal from Spain, and the help of Guillermo Zuloaga from Argentina.

Perhaps, the most difficult desicion was to choose the direction in which will develop and we have finally decided in favor of musicians and their music.
For this reason, we have included into our web site numerous Stickistas, and will add more soon. We have created the most extensive database of music played on the Stick and of Stick related web sites.

The Stick Center tríes to be more than a web site demonstrating photos: we organize concerts, and Stick Seminars called Stick Camp, Stick Tours for Spanish Stickistas and foreign Stickistas' visits to Spain; we publish pages dedicated to the Stick in the monthly Spanish magazine Guitarra Actual, probably the only existing magazine with pages dedicated entirely to the Stick, and initiate events called The Projects, where experienced Stickistas play together with new ones.
Being the only Stick web site in Spanish, we constantly receive letters and suggestions from different countries.

But basically, we have name and face. This is something important for me, in this century, when actions seem to travel anonymously in trains.

This web site is dedicated both to musicians who practice hours after hours on their instruments, and to those who are far from trying to be virtuosos, but simply express with their music what they have inside.

Guillermo Cides




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 Stick  Stick Stick Stick