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Guillermo Cides

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Official Stick web site in Europe directed by Guillermo Cides, representative in Argentina and España of Stick Enterprises, INC. Exclusive Chapman Stick importer since 1990.

Playing with Jerry Marotta

leer version en español


I'm proud to announce that Jerry Marotta has invited me to tour and record in his future projects. All of us Stickistas know that Marotta is playing in a duo with talented musician Tom Griesgraber and also with Stickista Tony Levin and his band.

For that reason, it is a triple honor for me to try a new adventure with this great drummer. It is just an attempt to play new music with the risk that this includes - a beautiful risk, I have to say.

The first step of this work starts with concerts in Spain in June 2007, with the flamenco spanish bassist Pepe Bao as our guest, a well known musician in this country. We will also play for a national broadcast on TV2, the emission will be transmitted in all of Spain and to other countries.

After June, we meet with the great Stickista Irene Orleansky from Israel to play as a trio in several european countries.
After that... destiny will say!


Tour 2007

14 Junio: España/Valencia/sala Wha Wha/c.Campoamor 52 (con Pepe Bao) 21h
15 Junio: España/Castellón/sala Terra/c.Ramon Llull 19 (dúo Marotta/Cides) 21h
19 Junio: España/Madrid/concierto Televisión Española (con Pepe Bao)
20 Junio: España/Madrid/sala Clamores/c.Alburquerque 14 (con Pepe Bao. Banda invitada Psicotropia) 21h
21 Junio: España/Tres Cantos/sala Hog Destiny/Avda. Viñuelas 17 (con Pepe Bao) 21h
22 Junio: España/Colmenar/Casa Juventud/Ctra.Hoyo de Manzanares 16 (dúo Marotta/Cides. Banda invitada Sr .Morfus) 21h
24 Junio: España/Marinaleda (Andalucía)/sala Palo Palo/Avda. Libert s/n (con Pepe Bao)
27 Junio: España/Barcelona/clinic Bateria-Stick/Esc. JamSession/c.Sant Germà 8 19h
28 Junio: España/Barcelona/sala Bikini/c.Deu i Mata 105 (con Pepe Bao. Bandas invitadas Y3 + Icebend) 21 h. Entradas anticipadas
29 Junio: España/Zaragoza/Festival Tea07/Auditorio de Zaragoza (dúo Marotta/Cides)
30 Junio: España/L'Startit/sala Mariscal/c.Barcelona 51 (dúo Marotta/Cides) 22h
04 Julio: España/Santander/sala BNS/Avda. Reina Victoria 46 (con Pepe Bao) 21h
06 Julio: Suiza/Basel/sala Cuturium/Gempenstrasse 60 (con Irene Orleansky)
07 Julio: Italia/Piacenza/Pollo Loco/via galileo galilei 50 (con I. Orleansky)
08 Julio: Italia/Schio/Vanilla Café/C. Commerciale Summano (con Irene Orleansky)
09 Julio: Suiza/Tesserete/Irish Club Alpino, via Fraschini/ (con Irene Orleansky)
11 Julio: España/Mallorca/Vilafranca (dúo Marotta/Cides)
14 Julio: España/Mallorca/PortoCristo (dúo Marotta/Cides)
16 Julio: Francia/Juan les Pins/47╝Jazz Festival Juan les Pins (con Irene Orleansky)
18 Julio: España/Jaén/Bar Fogo/c.Virgen de Guadalupe 9 (con Pepe Bao) 22h
20 Julio: España/Santander/festival Mar Sessions (dúo Marotta/Cides)

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Guillermo Cides



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