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Irene Orleansky

leer version en español


New Cd of the stickist Irene Orleansky (Israel)

Irene is a singer, Stick player and music programmer. Her debut solo album is played almost entirely on the Chapman Stick, with the exception of vocals and drums. Though called a solo album, the CD is in fact the fruit of collaboration of musicians from different countries: Irene Orleansky (Israel), Kirill Malahov (Russia) and Guillermo Cides (Spain). In addition to Irene's sensual vocals and bass and guitar-like lines on the Chapman Stick, Kirill, with whom Irene has been working closely together for more than ten years now, will treat the listeners to his strong vocal, groovy drum loops and outstanding sound and Guillermo will voodoo with his Stick and loops in a few songs. The CD include also club remixes by one of the top European dj's. The album has been recorded in Russia, Spain and Israel.

Visit her new web page for information.


  Complete songs
Stay Irene Orleansky: vocals.
Guillermo Cides: Chapman Stick, Loops.
Kirill Malahov: mix sound.
Deep Within My Soul Irene Orleansky: vocals, Chapman Stick, programming.
Kirill Malahov: vocals, programming, sound.
Meditation (Irene Orleansky)


Music and Lyrics by Irene Orleansky

Will you leave, will you stay? Stay…
I know the light is faint
I know the wounds still pain
But I love you so much
For the sake of our love,
Just for the sake of our love
Will you leave, will you stay? Stay…
Let’s leave what we’ve been through
I’ll come and cradle you
‘Cause I love you so much
Please stay…

Irene Orleansky: vocals
Guillermo Cides: Chapman Stick, loops


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