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Guillermo Cides

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Guillermo Cides
20th anniversary celebration
Special online concert at facebook & Myspace

leer version en castellano aqui

Full Facebook & Myspace concert

About this concert
by Guillermo Cides 

(sorry my english!) 

20 years ago I was a young plenty of curiosity looking for my corner in this world. I never told the history but I get my first Stick just because an intuition, curiosity and the needs to innovate in my own musical way. It was, after all, a complete "crazy act": to buy an instrument which I haven't any information (Internet wasn't like this days) and which I didn't know even how to tune! I learned to play it in solitude and for my self, starting in this way a wonderful adventure of "a musician and his rare instrument", an history which make me able to have my own language and a personal music journey, to travel around the world, to met places and wonderful people but most important, to feel that I can collaborate to this world through my music. We all have a duty.

Today is saturday night, far away there is a diffuse sound of a party in somewhere and suddenly people start up to sing a happy birthday song. I think now that music is this: a way people found to say to somebody how they love and need him. We musicians always ask this to audience even if it doesn't look like this: we ask the support from people and for that we sing to them a happy birthday song masked of multicolors harmonies.

But now is me who have a party birthday! Or more correct to say: my Stick and me, because we celebrate the 20 years I started to play the Stick. I can't say how hundreds of concerts had been done until today but there was my first one and it happens in a bar called "Nativo". It was also the first soloist Stick concert who somebody played in Argentina and I feel honored of this achievement since it was everything to make yet: the first Stickistas Ensemble, the first Stick organization called Stick Center, the first Stick Tour, the first classic music Cd recorded totally with a Stick (The Bach Tribute), the first Stick European Seminars here in Spain and now the first online transmission to Facebook and Myspace. Today I look at back and I smile and I do this 'cause I know that first things are also the last ones, in some way.

To broadcast the next concerto to Facebook and Myspace seemed to me a good way to be in contact with all my friends that are in other countries, thousand of miles from here. This kind of online transmission directly visible inside of those popular social networks will be an event that never or almost never was done before. I feel one more time the emotion to start there a new way to share music with people who have other languages and cultures, but loving the music as much I do.

I will never thanks enough to the hundreds of people that helped me in this last 20 years of music. Just to name a few: to Yuta and Emmett Chapman for create "my" instrument; to my family for believe silently on me; to my friends for help me to live this nice adventure; to my girlfriends for believe in my work; to my students for permit me to show them a new way to play music; to journalists -the true inquisitive ones- who helped me with theirs good reviews; to all musicians I share stages more specially the beginners which share theirs energy and hope with me; and definitely to the audience which always come to my concerts: you people are really courageous coming to listen a unknown musician, playing unknown music with an unknown instrument.

Guillermo Cides & his Stick - the same one from the earlier days.
Barcelona, 16th April 2011

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