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Guillermo Cides

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Una nueva versión del Stick Camp Holiday en España ha llegado!

leer version en español


Hello Stickistas!

The meeting of Stickistas in Spain returns, and this time with new features in relation to the philosophy of work of Stick Center and the Seminars of Stick.

It is thus -- there will be no professors nor students.
We consider the Stick a new instrument and the appropriate thing is to interchange experiences with the Stick, and "to teach" one definitive technique is not the goal.
By experience, we can say that much is learned when the information flows naturally between people within a relaxed environment.
It will be a meeting between Stickistas -- one amazing week in a field house in the paradisíac island of Majorca, one of the touristic but significant places of Europe. There will be musical activities of all nocturnal types, including concerts, sea, sun and interchange of information from one Stickista to another.
The idea is that all the Stickistas will play music--or they at least try! -- and everyone at their own level of skill.
This is the philosophy of our Stick Camp : nature, vacations and music!
There will be activities of auditory training and charting; analysis of discs, recording of the Stick on computers, exhibitions of experienced Stickistas sharing information, and concerts where all will participate, whatever the level. We will mix professional Stickistas with musicians recently arriving to the world of the Stick. And by all means, we will also have excursions to the transparent sea of Mallorca!

Nature, Swimming Pool and Sea
For this event, we have rented a field house with facilities within the island, near the city of Santanyi, and with swimming pool. A special place, near the sea. (See the pictures here)
There will be concerts every night and many other activities.
Nature, vacations, music and learning!

The Stick Camp Holiday is scheduled for Tuesday 18th to Monday 24th of JULY of 2006.


One of our new policies: the costs of the Seminar will be only to cover the costs of the event, which is 200 euros for each musician, a low amount considering that it will be vacations with lodging, food/cook included, and experiences with the Stick in the island of Mallorca.

We have contracted a cook that will do delights every day with breakfast, light meals or snacks and dinner.

Most musicians will be lodged in the field house.
For those who would like to participate and lodging has been filled and/or desire to lodge in a hotel, you will find some hotels of low cost in the city of Santanyi. We would provide transportation each day to the Stick Camp field house.
List of hotels available here

Capacity of the Seminar
The seminar is limited: capacity 15 people. Considering that we will receive many requests from different musicians and from different countries, we will be able to be reserve a place with a deposit of 100 euros before JULY 1st -- so please do not wait to reserve your space for the last moment!

How to Registere
Reservations can be made by sending us an e-mail. If you wish to reserve a seat, write us
Please provide your complete name and city. You will receive a written questionnaire from Stick Center.
Once the reservations are completed, registration will be closed.

How to arrive to Mallorca
Here you will find the differents ways to arrive to Mallorca.

Photos of Mallorca

Enjoy a small tour around the next Stick Camp Holiday.
Click to enlarge

Do not miss the opportunity for this unique experience ofStick Camp Holiday
See you there!

Guillermo Cides
Musician and director of Stick Center
Official representative of ©Stick in Spain and Argentina

© The Stick Center
 Stick  Stick Stick Stick