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Guillermo Cides

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Review Stick Camp Abril 2003

read spanish version

Stick Camp Abril 2003
con Bob Culbertson

(Organized by Guillermo Cides, to The Stick Center)

We have had a new edition of the Stick Camp in Spain.
This time with a guest of honour, the experienced Bob Culbertson with whom we shared a weekend.

The idea of having these meetings in the countryside is something very beneficial and necessary for us as well as innovating.
Our experience grows in these type of events. These “vacations with music” help us to improve, this experience leaves us musicians with a great personal sensation as well as artistic friendship, after sharing breakfast, dinners, concerts y breaks together. I felt that nice sensation and it makes me happy to think that soon this pioneering idea of having these types of events becomes popular in other seminaries. that idea will be popular among other seminaries soon.


Here you will find out what happened during the event.
We have put images that can explain better what happened…

Audience of the concert.
Friday 18th April.
Stick night in the Groove pub, Tarragona, Spain.
Bob is a great music with an excellent technique.
The seminary started off with a great Stick night in a music hall in Tarragona, where all musicians from different places started arriving ready to play in the concert: André Pelat from France, Pino Mechi from Italy, Patricio Benadon from Argentina, Francesc Moreno from Catalonia, as well as public, seminary participants and me.

Culbertson y his Acoustick in action.

Here Bob with his new acoustick! in a historical night for Spain, we all thought that he’s acoustick sounded incredibly well.

Cides in concert.
We spent all night on stage, in the middle of a festival climate. The audience was surprised with each music. I’m convinced that although we all playing the same instrument the variety of styles was endless!

Pino Mechi From Italy.
Pino has only started playing eight months ago. He showed us all that it’s easy to learn fast!

Bob, Grand Stick electric session...
Bob has a special way of placing his stick, if you watch you will see that behind his stick he has placed a wooden cross that he leans on his legs. He doesn’t use the strap and he sits down to play.

André Pelat from France.
André is a “stickista” with 15 years experience. He plays with great ability, and his list is both classic and popular.
He is a great music.

Francesc Moreno from Catalunya playing his Tap-Bass Concert.
Moreno is a virtuous of the bass playing with the tapping technique. He also plays the stick, although he usually offers concerts with his tap bass.

Pelat dazzling to the ladies !

Pino Mechi.
It was his first concert with the stick!
Molto bene!

Mechi capturing the attention of the audience.
Mechi attracts the attention of the audience. The public followed with attention every performance.

Bob and the audience.

Inspiration y music!

Speaking of chords...
Saturday 19th.
First day of activities.

How is the chords...?
Bob started the activities explaining about he’s techniques, chords and other secrets to the other musicians.

-In this way...
With a blackboard, an amplifier, and a stick, you can do amazing things!

Bob, German and the big dummy.
The place we chose is also used as a theatre, agriculture, meetings…

Bob explaining secret of chords.
Culbertson is a great transmitter of his information, and makes very clear to understand what he wants to say...

Cides explaining secret of sounds.
We tolked about sound: connections, amplifiers, pedals, multieffects, loops, mixer...

Calibrating the Diego's Purple Heart...
Bob carried out a session of adjustments and repairing the instruments.

-Sound better if you down this string...

Pelat trying out a Tiorba ( an instrument of the Renaissance) during a rest time.
Relax time!

Rest and relax...

-How is this...?


The dog Leo and the horse Matilda attending to the seminar...

Our cooks Estitxu and Tamara, preparing homemade bread for the lunch !!
The food was excellent: vegetarian almost all the time, vegetables of the orchard, pizzas done in the mud furnace, homemade bread, Kefir of water, fruits...

-The table is on....!

Lets eat!!

The afternoon goes on.
We speak in French, Spanish and Italian all at the same time!
Meanwhile Bob gives some individual classes – 30 minutes per music. The rest do some jamming, interchang of ideas...

Improvisation section.
This part of the activities was to play with the others players, looking for notes and ideas, without concerning the level of each one of the musicians .

André Pelat and his Stick-Bow!

-Wil I remember every thing...?
Stickista from Catalunya, Xavi Oró.

A green stick day...
Raoul Zamorano, bass player and stickista.

Pino Mechi G Major.

-7M? 6m?...??
To see in action and play with other stickistas is a good way of learning.

Martin Weigel
New player . DJ in the past, now in the search of new emotions...

Cides, Wood & Fire.
Preparing the fire for the dinner at night.

The journalist David Sancho and Cides making a interview.
The activities made in the stick camp are always published in press. Sunday night the seminary closed down for a concert in the countryside…
The newspaper published both the interview and our telephone number!
People from the city called to confirm their assistance…

The interview.

Sunday dinner night...
No words.

...It was Bob’s birthday! Cides in mandoline, and Pere Vidal with the accordion singing happily happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday Bob!

We go to ours: nocturnal concert, Culbertson and Cides.
Sunday night : concert...

Hard work.

With two pianos...

-Is a pleasure play with you, Bob...

Mechi in action, with the drummer Gerard Mallorqui and Cides.

-How does this work...?

Pelat: violin bow.
Cides: electronic E-Bow

Diego Blanco in action.
Diego Blnco is a player from Argentina established in Mallorca, with a published album, he´s also an excellent guitar player with very peculiar sounds...

Germán Rodriguez from Catalunya.
Germán Rodriguez is a new player from Catalunya, España.
He learn quickly! and is already playing with The Stick Ensemble.

Air view...

...rock'n'roll !

Culbertson in concert.

Time to go home.





See you in the next Stick Camp 20th June 2003...!!


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