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Guillermo Cides

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From Guillermo Cides:

Hello friends, I feel honored to present a project that began as a game between us and whose direction was not pre-established beforehand. Linda hade a pair of the most beautiful songs, Tim a pair of incredible drums tracks and I a few ideas of sound guarded in some booth.

This project, to which we decide to call simply Cushma/Cides/Alexander does not have pretensions of any type, and this is precisely the interesting thing.
Each of the participants adds what he believes suitably and we depart from almost naked ideas, without knowing to where the topics will come finally.

We have not any label waiting for us, or promotor looking for concerts. We just take our instrument and play and record.
We invite to labels to send their ideas in relation to the edition of this Cd.

Linda it has an incredible perception of the things and of the moment, and all the time is inviting more musicians that touch there his instruments.

Tim's touch is incredible. His steadfastness, force and expressiveness in the drum, grants to the topics a vital freshness. He is the drumer with which we all would want to play! His activity with Primus is intense, but Tim does a space to play with more musicians.

RThe album is ready and available at

Guillermo Cides

Linda Cushma: Bassist, Stickista, singer, sometimes actress, and forming of the band Oxygene Eight with an album called "Poetica" with Tim in the drum. <web site>
Guillermo Cides: Stickista. <web site>
Tim Alexander: Drumer of Primus, Laundry, Attention Deficit, Tirebelly, Born, Uber, Blue between others. bands.<web site>





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