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CD:Guillermo Cides - Tribute to Bach
1. Suite No 2 BWV 1067 in B-minor (Badinerie)/ 2.Suite No 2 BWV 1067 in B-minor (Menuet)/ 3.Concerto for 2 Violins and Strings No 3 BWV 1043 in D-minor (Vivace)/ 4.Concerto for 2 Violins and Strings No 3 BWV 1043 in D-minor (Largo Ma Non Tanto)/ 5.Contrapunctus 1 (Simple fuge on the subject in its original form)/ 6.Preludes and Fugues BWV 846 in C-major/ 7.Preludes and Fugues BWV 851 in D-minor/ 8.Brandenburg Concert No 5 BWV 1050 in D-major (Affettuoso)/ 9.Brandenburg Concert No 3 BWV 1048 in G-major (Allegro)/ 10.Brandenburg Concert No 6 BWV 1051 in B-major (Allegro)/ 11.Cello Suite No 1 BWV 1007 in G-major (Prelude)/ 12.Preludes and Fuges BWV 860 in G-major/ 13.Suite No 3 BWV 1068 in D-major (Air)/ 14.Passacaglia BWV 582

Guillermo Cides - 10-strings Chapman Stick (without midi) and sound treatment
Primitivo Records/Mundo Records - 2000
Ocena : 9 - Absolutnie wspaniały i porywający album.

If somebody told me a week ago that it is possible to play music of the great baroque masters on a modern instrument, to play practically for the whole symphonic orchestra, I probably wouldnŐt believe.
Today I do believe because the reality has overgrown the boldest expectations.
There has been created a new instrument in the world, which is able to restore the tone and atmpsphere of baroque music - this instrument is the Chapman Stick. Stick is a mystery for most people, but for many of those who risked the adventure, it is a great revelation. I belong to the second group. I first heard about the Stick in the end of 90Ős, quite late with the relation to the history of the instrument. The musician thanks to whom I noticed the Stick was Sean Malone, the leader and composer of the project Gordian Knot.
But today I wonŐt talk about him. Today we will be transmitted to Argentina, where except for passionate Latin-American sounds, there found its place unconventional approach to music. There creates a person who has opened a new chapter in the history of the Chapman Stick music.
This is Guillermo Cides, the artist who has three albums on his account, the music of which is performed on this 10-string instrument. And he did what seemed to be impossible Đ rearranged the music of Johann Sebastian Bach giving new demension and interpretation to baroque music in the manner not heard of so far.
Everyone knows what a great composer Bach was, and one can also mistakenly think that the music of the great Master can be played only with means of great strength. 10 strings and enormous imagination will be enough to do a miracle.
This miracle is ŇTribute to BachÓ. That is how exactly is called the work that transmits us into the world of fugues, violin concerts, suites and preludes. The most amazing is the fact that it is possible to return the atmosphere of baroque music with the use of the Stick alone, the instrument that did not touch the original atmosphere of the epoch. In the history of music we have already had several real rock-men who tried to transfer the music of Bach into electric guitar, for example Alex Masi, but the results were weak. But here it is different. From the very beginning of the adventure one can be drowned into the Stick-interpretations of the music of the great Master - Suite B-moll divided into two separate parts, later violin concerts (sensasional rendition), magnificently executed and arranged Bradenburg Concerts, restlessly evolving preludes and fugues. Very often it sounds like the whole string quartet, not just one instrument, is playing. Guillermo Cides proves himself as a knowledgeable as well as intelligently creative musician. Even the idea itself seems to be imprudent enough, not talking about its realization. It is very easy to fall into a deep hole with such experiments impossible for realization or simply to expose yourself to ridicule.
It does not threaten Cides, on the contrary, one has to bow oneŐs head before him as the proof of recognition. The artist has nothing to be ashamed of Đ all the material is played with inspiration, imagination, where necessary with grandeur, at some moments with musings and once again with gravity, but it is good to remember that it played on a funny wide stick with only 10 strings and a bit of electronics.
It must be written down into the records of the history of music.
There is only a little ŇbutÓ. Who will notice that? And I fear here, unfortunately, that the audience will be small. Firstly, Bach is not for masses. Secondly, the Stick is the instrument which has its small niche, just like the artists that use it for creating their music. Few know about them, and few can appreciate their work, and unfortunately, all their creations remain in so-called artistic underground. Therefore it is necessary to write about it, to shout, to send mails, since thatŐs the only thing that will help. Surely the music is as original as the instrument itself is.
And really, it is possible to create with it amazing things. The album ŇTribute to BachÓ proves that. The fresh look on the works of the great Master in Argentine rendition is highly recommended.
Without doubts, Guillermo Cides represents one of the most comprehensive musicians using the Stick.


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