Compilation Cd

A new compilation CD of 22 artists of the Stick from different countries.
For the first time, Stick Center produces an album of Spanish-speaking Stickistas, including a bonus track with the inventor of the Stick, Emmett Chapman. Get it here.

from Guillermo Cides

I have the honor--historical honor--to present through the Stick Center, the first compilation of Hispanic Stick artists.
22 musicians reunited to give an answer to the question of "what music is possible with the Stick?"

When years ago, I founded the first Center of Stickistas in Argentina and The Stick Center in Spain, one of the premises was to try to present the art of an instrument, during its "freshness or newness."
The newness is something ephemeral in time, but the art I will live by always.

Without being "collectors" or "demonstrators," we have worked in the old traditional voices of music: composition, creation and the expression of people through a language.
This album represents all of this.

It would not be prudent to say that the selected musicians are the "best musicians" of the instrument. To be "the best one" has too great a weight and vainly short-sighted perception. It is, nevertheless, an album done by people who have something to say through a new language that is called Stick.

I am thankful to the artists of this compilation for their excellent dispositions and enthusiasm; to the designer Estitxu Moliner; to Emmett Chapman, inventor of the Stick and its current technique, for his consistent support and vision; to the sound engineer Guillermo Zuloaga; and to the public who bravely come to the concerts to listen to a music without history, done by musicians without history, playing an instrument whose history is being written in this same moment...



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