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  • [ Recordings ] The recent months, Cides has recorded with various artists from different countries through the Internet and participated in other recording publications.

    • Irene Orleansky: An artist of the Russian origin  living in Israel and preparing her new album recorded together with the artists from Russia, Israel and Spain. Info + mp3

    • Diego Blanco: An argentinian artist living on the Balearian islands, Spain. The researcher of ambient muisc with his trio Babel. web site

    • Diego Souto: An argentinian artist, an active independent stickist, currently in process of recording his next album. web site

    • Ensemble of Stickistas Argentinos: Currently working on editing  the  DVD of the Ansamble's live recording of the Concert in Buenos Aires, which will include a bonus track of a theme of Cides recorded in Allaire, France. Info + mp3

    • Compilation "Fuego Aliado": The CD edited by radio FM D-Rock, Mar del Plata, Argentina, which will include  among others such artists as Bill Bruford, Ataque 77, El Otro Yo, Palo Pandolfo, Guillermo Cides. Info



  • [ Concerts ]

    • The Stick Tour: continuing the series of the Stick Concerts in Spain.

    • Trey Gunn: recently the Stick Tour has joined the conserts of Trey Gunn in Spain -Barcelona and  Madrid. Also have been  interviewed by National Radio  3 and 4. Info

    • The Stick Ensamble Project: the union of various Stick artists in an unusual format, played among the  public without  visible scenario. This type of concerts initiated by Cides in 98 in Argentina and later reproduced in Spain under different circumstances, in which the audience participates in the event  being "caught"  between different  points of the concert hall where the artists are located. Info

    • The Stick Folk: is currently working on arranging the themes that  make up the repertoir of the Project, incorporating new musicians. Info

    • Concert of Ensamble de Stickistas in Argentina: organized by the Argentinian Stickists themselves in collaboration with Cides from Spain, a new meeting of the Stickists took place. Info



  • [ Various ]

    • Guitarra Actual Magazine: the monthly edition of the Spanish magazine that contains a section of pages called  "The Pages of the Stick Center", with articles and information around  the world of the Stick and tapping, in which Cides carries out researches and  interviews and writes personal comments. Info

    • New magazine Bajista:  a new magazine appears on the Spanish market. It will be dedicated exclusively to the bass players and  include the articles of Cides in several issues. Recently he has opened his secction with the interview with Carles Benavent, the bass player of the renowned guitarist Paco de Lucía.


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