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March 2009

To be or not to be: that is Wikipedia.

Recently I have collaborated with the completion of my biography for Wikipedia.
It has been an strong experience of trying to remember year after year of my life and the events that marked part of my musical career in the latter years. I realize that the years happen fastly!

To do a balance of the personal history in so little space is unjust. There are in the life of all people situations, emotions and significant facts that it must be overlooked in order to summarize briefly everything in a paper. Nevertheless, and in spite of this, only I can say if that I am proud of what I have had to live. I feel that I have been lucky for the things that have happened, many of this product of the effort, fortuity and other things product only of the circumstances of the moment. If I had to live again, I would make it exactly the same, even living through those things of which today I am remorseful. I do not have the right to claim the perfection, and the mistake is a part of the wise nature of this life.

Nevertheless there is something that I must say about Wikipedia: when I read the biographies of other persons including mine, there is a sensation that in this world you are just what it says there. This leaves out a big number of persons who are not there, whose "relevant" actions are not of interest for the rest.

But I believe that we "are not" only a relevant action in Wikipedia, but also we "are" a Sunday at 3 p.m., a rainig day, a decision in the life, we are a dignity, are the things that are constructed silently and that nobody sees, we are affections, the forgiveness, the love to other persons. We are more than “this or that” important actions. People are more than this. We all must write our biography in Wikipedia, because we all have some thing interesting for other one.

If I could read in the biography of some person that one day he decided to leave his work because he was not supporting his boss, or that he dedicate his life to educating his children of such a way, or that he decided to leave a wealths future for his own personal philosophy, I would think " Wow, this person has made some thing important ".
We all must write our biography in Wikipedia.

best, G.C.




December 2008


I have information but I haven’t time for write it!
I write this lines faster just to tell you that we will playing with our power trio Bao/Cides/Blavia in Barcelona, profiting we are here recording some new stuff. A good opportunity to meet with old friends and show them some of our new songs!
Please, check the “Conciertos” section to check the place addresses.


Agost 2008

CCA Project released

We are receiving many orders of our new album CCA Project! Is great to see that musicians don’t really need a label for to promote and distribute our music.

For CCA Cd orders:






Agost 2008

About the success.

A good friend sent me recently an article I wrotte for the argentinean magazine “El Biombo in 1996 (!).

The article is about the “success”. Is curious for me to read again that, a kind of window to my thinking in that time.

After many years of music, concerts, interviews, big or small stages, travels, I still have the same sensation about the success I had in 1996.

If I would have to live again, I would live in the same way. If I should have to write an article about the success today, I would write the same article.

The article is in spanish. A possible trabslation is below:


Magazine El Biombo, Argentina. 1996.

About the success.

by Guillermo Cides

When I have to answer if I have or not success, I go to the kitchen to drink Mate (popular infusion in southamerica).
It is not because the answer is “not”, but because the answer is not “yes”. And I say that ‘cause I am convinced that success doesn’t exist for itself.

In an affluent society like we are, we often call “success” to things that become “massive”, to the reproduction 1:1000. The success of others.

For any company - inclusive the goverment- is more easy to show the success of one people than one millon. When Kurt Cobain kill himself, he also kill the rule. To him, his frustration was clear, so much than even his great music and popularity can’t save him. Apparently the numbers of people that believe in us is never enough for that.

But we assume for a moment that it is. So, what is the number of “success-popularity”? 100 people buying a Cd? 200, 3000, 40000? The time seem to be changing with numbers togheter.
I met musicians they felt succesful and happy for to call 200 people to their concert, in the same age where the Rolling Stones cancel a tour in Southafrica due the low assitance of people in relation with their costs. I also met story like Mahatma Gandhi than ever with the frustration of his physical live (they kill him) he get the success of his spiritual life. I met the story of Robbert Fripp than in the center of sceptic critics he create his art-discipline called Guitar craft. I met the story of people that they drop put Buenos Aires and create their own small city called Aguas Claras, based in energy come from sun and earth. I met the story of Albert Einstein and his excellent studies wich derived in the construction of the first atomic bomb.
And Lennon, and Jesus and so.

In some people the frustration is synonym of success and vice-versa, the forgetfulness of memory, the popularity of loneliness.

In a deep room if the human soul must be a place where the success - with all its goodness - let live happy to who have this, even when other people don’t realized about that. This are the few moment of success that finally give me the chance to keep me in the way I am doing: music.

When I back from the kitchen with the Mate ready, I answer to my occasional inquisitor: “...If I am succeful? Of course!”

G. C.




Agosto 2008

Hi all,

May be you listen about the tragic airplane crash that happened last days in Madrid, Spain.
A terrible accident where 150 people died unfortunelly.
I am fine and my family too, but it is still a big tragedy for many families in Spain.




June 2008


After the tour with Jerry Marotta, my next musical adventure is with two amazing players: Pepe Bao (bass) and Roger Blavia (drum). There serious chance for to record an album of this trio.
We will play in festivals next week (see our Concert seccion) specially in the famous Guitar Festival of Cordoba, a classical festival in the country of the guitar!

I have to say sincerily, that is a honor for me to play with this guy that are really interested in music and worries for his instruments.
Mostly, audience believe that it is attributes for all musicians, but here in my personal diary I have to say the secret: the enthusiasm for the music live in just a few musicians. When it start a musical carrer, most of this enthusiasm is overdone, but it seem to be that after the years, musicians consider that be proffesional imply to lost the enthusiasm, worry and hard work in the music they play.
Curious, because the great historic players in the history they were “abducted” literally for the music. You don’t need I say who are this musicians, we all know that.
The others ones, they will live in the forgetfulness. But yes: in a nice and expensive pantheon payed with all of this year of poor music.

How somebody said: I can’t say two of three...



2 february 2008

Recently the Argentinian journalist, Sebastian Benedetti, was interested in my history and work. After many e-mails, there is a resulting interview that was released 14 newspapers! The interview is featured in the magazine, 'Rumbos,' that is included every Sunday in the most popular newspaper in Argentina.
it is available here:

Thanks 'Rumbos' and Sebastian!





2 february 2008

I feel a painter more than a musician.
A creator more than a composer.
An adventurer more than a professional.
I am garrulous more than I am cautious.
I’m a 'start again' more than a 'finally.'
I’m in the ashes more than in the glory.
I am poor after being rich.
Guilty before innocent.
Polemic before a strategist.
I’m a ridiculous man of words, before that a modernist.
That said, I am a painter, not a musician. I paint what I want when I want, think every note keeping in mind the color of the next. I build the image in my mind, seeing for hours the linen where the note will be, I return days afterward to change an E instead to a C, and I’m happy to see when the paint is balanced. I paint histories with sounds, histories that speak because sounds are full of many elements that document the time.
A painting of sounds and of silence that looks over the future where it exists forever, longer than we do.




Febrero 2008

Yes, i know!
There is age I dont write in this place!
This year is so intense like last year was. In general, the “big news” about my activities are the next:

- Finished the Electrik Consort album: that is ready for to be released in next months. We will also play some concerts in Spain with this unusual band.

-Finished the CCA album with Linda Cushma and Tim Alexader: that will be released in next months.

-Almost finished mi own alnum!: Yes, i am recording a new solo album. It is some...different material in relation with my other solo albums. Surprise.

-We go on playing with trio Bao/Cides/Blavia: may be the “higer point” is our participation in the next edition of the Cordoba Guitar Festival, a reknowd festival in Spain in relation with guitar. We don’t really play guitar, but we have 14 strings on the stage with our Stick and bass!

-Tour Marotta/Cides 2008: again with genial drummer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney and many others) we will be playing in Spain, Suiza and France. Check the “Conciertos” section. Jerry is amazing!

-Festival Progsud, Francia: I was inviting again to the french festival Progsud. Is a honour to me be a guest again to this edition -i was playing there in 2007. It meant that audience and organizators like the show I played last year! I will try to do my best this year.

-Theater performance La Infanticida: I am working with the actrice Alicia Gonzalez. I will play live the music of his performance. It is a kind of “film music in real time” Fun, and a great new experience.

Well, that and other are the things that keep me bussy this time.
I just would like to wish to ocassional reader to this “blog”, to be happy. Life never forgive us if we don’t try it.






Octubre 2007

I am happy to annunce new live video concerts.

click here and see the videos





Tour with Jerry Marotta in Spain
August 2007
by Guillermo Cides

After 25 concerts in Spain and some in Switzerland, France and Italy, we have finished our tour.
It is not simple to describe a tour of 6 weeks in a couple of lines, and finally when I look back, there is an impressive musical energy. I believe that the natural state of musicians is playing every day.
Evidently this is not easy to do, and the organization of a tour of this dimension required the effort of many people. But when finally it happens and you play every day in a different place and the nervousness from the beginning is transformed to calm and into good playing, you can do nothing less than enjoy what you are doing.

Jerry Marotta is simply incredible. He is not the type of “demonstrative” drummer as is expected by other drummers, on the contrary, Marotta convinces by his incredible capacity of time keeping - almost perfect- and also when he plays in concert “it seems that he is recording a Cd," as commented our Pepe Bao. The prudence, the perfect timing, the good taste in the choice of rhythms, his creativity and finally his quality interpretation, finds in him a heart that roars healthy and with force in a band.

Pepe Bao is a musician whom the people of each city in Spain love and know. Pepe is our “Spanish famous musician” but much more than that, is an excellent musician and a person of great charisma and feelings. Pepe Bao gave a force to the band and captivated all that were there to hear it.

Some shows in Spain also were with the Marotta/Cides duo, a pair that transformed itself into a “power duo,” obtaining some really interesting results. The audience requested Cds from us which makes us raise the possibilty of a future recording of this music.

The Marotta/Cides/Bao trio appeared in different cities, among them Madrid and Barcelona in the Bikini Theater, with excellent response from the public. The communication between the three was excellent from the beginning. An incredible element was that Bao does not speak English, and Jerry does not speak Spanish, but when heads meet with this level of musicianship there is found no lack for not being able to engage in dialog: music simply appears in the moment.

Personally I will continue playing concerts with Pepe Bao - there are already concerts scheduled for the following months. It is truly an honor to be able to have made this long Spanish tour a reality. It is always an honor to be a part of these types of tours which now include those of Trey Gunn, California Guitar Trio, Oxygene Eight with Linda Cushma and now with the ex-Peter Gabriel drummer Jerry Marotta on his visit to Spain.

For the concerts of Switzerland, Italy and France we were joined by the Israeli Stickista/singer Irene Orleansky. Spontaneous, sweet and energetic, she gave a different point of view, with a calm musicality that was complemented with our “masculine musical speed.” Songs of old Israeli tradition, with tribal songs and songs from her own repertoire allowed us to form a spontaneous trio with a great musical diversity that the public enjoyed in the concerts in which she participated.

In summary, 25 concerts, 4 countries, different languages and audiences and one long list of anecdotes and experiences that will be not only in our curriculum, but in our memories and hearts.

See you in the following tour!
Guillermo Cides

Tour 2007

14 Junio: España/Valencia/sala Wha Wha/c.Campoamor 52 (con Pepe Bao) 21h
15 Junio: España/Castellón/sala Terra/c.Ramon Llull 19 (dúo Marotta/Cides) 21h
19 Junio: España/Madrid/concierto Televisión Española (con Pepe Bao)
20 Junio: España/Madrid/sala Clamores/c.Alburquerque 14 (con Pepe Bao. Banda invitada Psicotropia) 21h
21 Junio: España/Tres Cantos/sala Hog Destiny/Avda. Viñuelas 17 (con Pepe Bao) 21h
22 Junio: España/Colmenar/Casa Juventud/Ctra.Hoyo de Manzanares 16 (dúo Marotta/Cides. Banda invitada Sr .Morfus) 21h
24 Junio: España/Marinaleda (Andalucía)/sala Palo Palo/Avda. Libert s/n (con Pepe Bao)
27 Junio: España/Barcelona/clinic Bateria-Stick/Esc. JamSession/c.Sant Germà 8 19h
28 Junio: España/Barcelona/sala Bikini/c.Deu i Mata 105 (con Pepe Bao. Bandas invitadas Y3 + Icebend) 21 h. Entradas anticipadas
29 Junio: España/Zaragoza/Festival Tea07/Auditorio de Zaragoza (dúo Marotta/Cides)
30 Junio: España/L'Startit/sala Mariscal/c.Barcelona 51 (dúo Marotta/Cides) 22h
04 Julio: España/Santander/sala BNS/Avda. Reina Victoria 46 (con Pepe Bao) 21h
06 Julio: Suiza/Basel/sala Cuturium/Gempenstrasse 60 (con Irene Orleansky)
07 Julio: Italia/Piacenza/Pollo Loco/via galileo galilei 50 (con I. Orleansky)
08 Julio: Italia/Schio/Vanilla Café/C. Commerciale Summano (con Irene Orleansky)
09 Julio: Suiza/Tesserete/Irish Club Alpino, via Fraschini/ (con Irene Orleansky)
11 Julio: España/Mallorca/Vilafranca (dúo Marotta/Cides)
14 Julio: España/Mallorca/PortoCristo (dúo Marotta/Cides)
16 Julio: Francia/Juan les Pins/47┼Jazz Festival Juan les Pins (con Irene Orleansky)
18 Julio: España/Jaén/Bar Fogo/c.Virgen de Guadalupe 9 (con Pepe Bao) 22h
20 Julio: España/Santander/festival Mar Sessions (dúo Marotta/Cides)

Guillermo Cides
web page



May 22th, 2007

I just back from France, where I have been going to play to the Prog Sud festival. Excellent! There is a very good organization, quality of bands and musicians from different countries playing 4 days of music, in a very professional and totally full place of people every day!
The audience was very kind with me, and they made me feel very comfortable during my performance, asking extra songs at the end of my concert. Considering which I am a stranger for many people, it was a pleasure to me to feel re-discovered by an audience plenty of desires to listen to original music from different parts from the planet.

My good friend Linda Cushma was there with her band Oxygene Eight and delighted to people with her personality and musicality.

Here some photos of the event. I hope to back sometimes to France to this Festival.
I am now preparing myself for two months of tour with Jerry Marotta… brrrr, what a nerves. We will play in Spain and also Swiss, Italy and a festival in France.
More news soon!




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April 2007

Playing with Jerry Marotta

I'm proud to announce that Jerry Marotta has invited me to tour and record in his future projects. All of us Stickistas know that Marotta is playing in a duo with talented musician Tom Griesgraber and also with Stickista Tony Levin and his band.

For that reason, it is a triple honor for me to try a new adventure with this great rummer. It is just an attempt to play new music with the risk that this includes - a beautiful risk, I have to say.

The first step of this work starts in Spain in June 2007, with concerts with the flamenco spanish bassist Pepe Bao like our guest, a well known musician in this country. We will also play for a national broadcast on TV2, the emission will be transmitted in all of Spain and to other countries.

After June, we meet with Stickista Irene Orleansky from Israel for to play in several european countries in the fall. After that... destiny will say.

I provide this letter to also announce the soon to be released CCA Project with drummer Tim Alexander (Primus band) and Linda Cushma (Oxygene Eight). We three are joined together to record a special album, with some songs played with Tony Levin, Trey Gunn, Steve Parrish and others from different countries (Mexico, Argentina, Spain) -- recording through internet. It seems to be a first album of a series.
Destiny will also say.




10th September 2006

About the Art of the teaching
by Guillermo Cides

There are many people who have styles and techniques of playing music.
Certain it is that there are ways that work better than others.
But it is impossible - really impossible - to pretend that any special technique is the definitive one.
That would mean to finish the search, to make an arrival and therefore end the desire and the necessity to create.
To try to be the connoisseur of a definitive technique is like trying to be the owner of the fire -- just because at some time one saw a fire that burned in front of his eyes, he thinks the fire belongs to him.
The fire does not belong to us, just its search.

The instruction must be done in ignorant concepts, and not of definitive wisdom.
One who says that one knows, does not really know.

The instruction has humility in common.
To teach somebody to play music is a delicate process, and it cannot be done from the concept “I know and you don´t” -- but from the concept, “I know this just before you know it."
The knowledge is a time matter.
One who believes to be the owner of the fire, ignores that time will extinguish it.




31 Juy

Hi friends

For a long time, I dont actualize my diary, but the truth is that I have not much time for do that between the rehearsal, concerts, recordings, to write in the spanish magazines Guitarra Actual, Bajista y some time in Revista de Jazz, enswer emails, to coordinate the shipping of new instruments to Spain, the last Stick Camp meeting in Mallorca island, the presentation of the Electrik Consort trio in Vendrell city and my beer while I give water to my plaints...

I have to say I still have the nice sensation of to had been living a great time during the week of the Stick Camp meeting and the tour Stick of 6 concerts we did with the Stickplayers. A great week with friends and players. Much work and much music, we play all the days every hours. We really did another step in the world of the Stick seminars. More info here.

After I come back to Barcelona, we "lockup" in our rehearsal room and start to work with Electrik Consort trio. three days after we play in Vendrell city. was a important gig for all of us, was there a lot of people waiting for us, and the stage, sound and light was ready early in the day. We fun a lot playing there and we are happy with what is happening with this trio.
Anyway, we have more important concert that put us in the obligation of to work hardly. one of that is a festival with Trilok Gurtu in the south of Spain.

The next concert is the presentation of Electrik Consort in Barcelona, en the Jamboree theater.
Check the dates here.

For other side, we are finisging the mastering of our album CCA Project with Linda Cushma and Tim Alexander. This is a really interesting material, and will be there guest of luxe!

See you soon.





26th April

Some of my songs...

With Irene Orleansky:


4 April 2006

The first Stick Center Compilation of Stickistas is ready!!

I feel honored to present these 22 artists from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. It is a summary of musicians that have something to say about the Stick.

Also I present a special song that Emmett Chapman and I recorded together.
Personally, it is a historical moment for me, composing and recording this song with the inventor of the Stick.

Many years have passed since the Stick came to be in my hands for the first time, along with the passing of thousands of concerts, many tours, songs, melodies and connections to people with this instrument.

I have been to several parts of the world in bringing my music of the Stick. So, you can imagine what it represents for me to record this song with Emmett.

I am grateful to him for his confidence and enthusiasm in making this collaboration together. Emmett has only one Cd recorded, and several videos, but he has a musicality that is very special and ingenious. So much so as the instrument that he invented.

"We don't know more. We just know before".


28 February 2006

The first songs finished of our project Cushma - Cides - Alexander are arrived! I can't wait for to present this new songs, are there very special moments!
More news and mp3 soon...




22 February 2006

Today, after some weeks to fight agains this disease, my "fat cat" has gone away for ever.
I will miss you, friend...





21 diciembre 2005

Últimos dias del año.

Me siento honrado en comunicar que he aceptado ser endorser de la marca de plugins Wave Arts. Actualmente trabajo en la masterizacion del disco Cushma-Cides-Alexander y realmente estoy utilizando esto plugins en muchos de las canciones, especialmente el nuevo paquete Wave Arts Power Suit 5 que incluye una poderosa reverb y un muy interesante Panoramic, un sistema de ubicacion del sonido 3D que ayuda mucho a pensar el audio de una manera "espacial" (adelante-atras) en vez del habitual "stereo" (izquierda-derecha).

Hey, mucha suerte en el 2006 para todos!





27th October2005

Electrik Consort Tour

Wow! Yesterday we completed our Electrik Consort Tour of Argentina, a series of 12 shows, and it was fantastic! The audience responded really well to our unusual proposal to mix unconventional instruments -- the Zanfona (XIIth century) and the Stick (of this century).
This map reflects part of the tour that will end in Spain.

I must be grateful to all the people that were working with the tour -- Carlos (the (driver who took us and brought us back safely to our house), Guillermo Zuloaga (recording engineer of Tonica Records, that was all the time taking care of our sounds in live concerts); to the promoters of the Rio Cuarto city "Friends for the Music," a group of 6 people who privately organize concerts only for the sheer love of the music, without lucrative gains for themselves, and offer to the people of their city a series of artists who otherwise would not perform there. Here I must add that it is incredible - and fantastic - that the work that ordinarily would be done by the Secretaries of Culture of every city, is done by these people. This group takes on the work of the government officials, and the officials might learn much from them.

The same case is in Patagonia, where a musician/promoter -- in addition to being a really nice person, Mario Alvarez, has organized concerts in several cities of the south of the country for 10 years! His band, Wild Spirit, accompanied us in several of the shows -- excellent people and musicians that opened their hearts so that we could be there.
With regard to the last show in Patagonia, in the city called Las Heras, it is hard to explain with words what it meant for us and for them to be able to have made a reality a concert that had begun to be planned several months ago.

I am not going to say too much here, but I cannot stop feeling the following thing: personally I have been lucky to touch people in big shows, referring to big production, and rapidly I remember three concerts along with Jethro Tull for 15,000 people (5,000 every day), or the tour along with Roger Hodgson for South America, where there were approximately 50,000 between all the shows...but in Patagonia, when the organization that gave the concert was in charge of a hundred boys of a small city, who built the stage with their hands, the cartels painted one by one, and made every detail of the concert as if it was a part of themselves - it was one of the best concerts..........not done with big production and illusion, not for the money, but for the desire, which was even more special.... in the events and music that occurred this wonderful night.

They congratulated us after our concert, and I could only say to them that the concert was not ours, but it was theirs.........they did it.

Here are some images of special moments.

I also appreciate the musicians that were in the Electrik Consort project : Linda Cushma, Pablo Bendov and Adria Grandia. I have luck to play with these talented musicians.

Our tour included a concert with Trey Gunn and Joe Mendelson that presented their new project, "Quodia," in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As always, I am grateful to Trey and to Joe for believing in my music and affording me the opportunity to be a part of their shows, including those we did in Barcelona and Madrid. What they do in "Quodia" is really special, and try to go to see them when you can.

Now we are preparing the last two shows of the year in Spain -- two festivals -- Fira de Manresa and the Festival de Jazz de Lleida where we will share the stage along with Manhattan Transfer and Mongrel Valdes.

We continue on the route!

Electrik Consort web site

5 Octubre: Junin - Teatro Italiano - C/ Rivadavia 165 - 22hs.
6 Octubre: Rio Cuarto - Auditorio Hotel Menossi - Avda España 41 - 22 hs. .
7 Octubre: Cordoba - Ruido de Fondo, calle Fragueiro 1777. 21hs.
8 Octubre: Rafaela - Centro Cultural Municipal - Sala de la sociedad Italiana -
Pueyrredón 262, 21.30 hs.- Rafaela - Santa Fe
9 Octubre: Rosario - Teatro Lavarden, Calles Mendoza y Sarmiento, Rosario, Pcia. de Santa Fe.
10 Octubre: Venado Tuerto . Centro Cultural Provincial Ideal - Pellegrini 961, Venado Tuerto, Pcia. de Santa Fé
CAMBIO de FECHA: 12 Octubre: Junto a Trey Gunn (K. Crimson) Teatro ND/Ateneo, calle Paraguay 918, Buenos Aires.
14 Octubre: Comodoro Rivadavia - Centro teatro San Martin 1071, 21,30 hs.Chubut.
15 Octubre: Festival "10 años de conexion a la tierra", Auditorio Juan XXIII, 21 hs. - Pico Truncado-Santa Cruz.
16 Octubre: Los Antiguos-Santa Cruz
19 Octubre: Las Heras-Santa Cruz
20 Noviembre: Festival de Jazz de Lleida - Cafe del teatre de l'Escorxador. C/Carreró Roca Labrador s/n - 20hs - Lleida - España.
5 Noviembre: Fira de Manresa - Auditorio Conservatorio Municipal - 2 funciones: 19 hs y 23:30 hs - C/ Ignaci Blacells, 12 - Manresa, Catalunya - España.


16th September 2005

Blessed machines.

Two days ago something very interesting happened to me: one of my machines stopped suddenly and all the sound pre-sets were lost. This means hundreds of filed sounds that I continually use were lost. For any motif of zeros and ones, I could not rescue the back-up copy that I had made in the year 2004.
All this happened a week before a concert, the Festival of Guitar, in the town of Gumiel de Izan, and also 8 days before the beginning of my Tour Argentino where we will do 12 shows.
This means several working days to re-design much of my sound library, to test the sounds in my system, etc.
The interesting part of the history is that for some reason, I could rescue a back-up done in 1999 - or perhaps earlier.
In conclusion, I could load my machine with sounds that I had designed in this era. What began as a computer accident, was transforming within the step of the hours into memories of sounds and songs that for a long time I no longer play.
Incredibly, every sound was transporting me to a situation of the past; it reminded me of many persons that I had not seen for a long time, and in these latter days, not only my machine returned to the past, but I returned there too.
It has been much like extracting an old shoe-box with ancient photos, images of incredible moments of years behind, and memories of times when a struggle for my music to ignite still existed.
I am grateful for having lost all my programs of my machine.
It has allowed me this time to remember.
I believe this occurrence wanted to leave with me the sensation that Loss generates a Meeting.
Never is it too late to lose something and meet with it again.

See you at the shows.

My old sounds (picture).



9th september 2005

Great news, we will be on tour with Electrik Consort in Argentina.
11 shows wait for us there, in addition toplay with Trey Gunn and his project Quodia in Buenos Aires. Then we return to Spain to play iLinda and Tim in our CCA Project.
Is coming a time of concerts and activities, see you there!

See the map of the tour in Argentina.


15 de Agosto 2005

I found a great placeduring my hollydays in an island. it is a special place for compose songs!
Take a look.





Monday, the 1st of August, 2005

Regarding my CDs: I constantly receive emails in which people ask me about my albums and the ways of buying them. I have decided to post my point of view in my diary to make clear what is going on with my CDs, both the old ones and those I am recording now.

A few years ago , I first realized , and then got convinced, that the best business for a musician is self-management and self-publishing. I am not talking of recent years - now the phrase "an independent artist" sounds natura,l hidden under the shade of multinational recording labels. No. I am refering to the period of 15 years ago, when the Internet was still an incipient idea. It was then that I discovered that the recording market was moving in an erroneous direction. For this reason, I never send any of my discs, demos or samples, to any recording labels - be it Sony, BMG or others.On the contrary, when the musicians were dreaming of a contract with a label, I instead was dreaming of publishing my own albums, and of being the copyrights owner of my discs. Apparently the time has proven I was right, and the Internet appearance has definitely done its work, giving to musicians the possibility that we were looking for. It is a pity that many of the musicians who then were dreaming of a recording contracts finally obtained it, obtaining together with it IMPOSSIBILITY to handle their own business.
Today, many of those musicians complain about not being the owners of their own discs, and can only watch silently how their old labels publish again and again their discs.

During the last 4 years, my intuition has told me that there going to arise a conflict between labels and musicians, between prices for CD's and free Internet downloads, between authors' associations, such as Sgae, Ascap, Sadaic, etc and self-publishing artists, between selling CD's in music stores and in online stores.
For this reason, I have decided to take my discs away from the market, since the market is still struggling with its own crisis. This crisis is accentuated even more today, and I am in anticipation of a better situation.

I have rejected the kind offer of David and Lynn from London. I have also decided to break my contract with the label Ventilador Music of Spain. They are good people, I cannot say anything, except that their plans are outdated and not realistic. Recording labels will have to revise their structure and the proposals that they offer to musicians. We, musicians, will have to adopt to new reality of availability of free music on the Internet. The authors' rights associations will have to reconsider themselves and take into account that we are not only musicians anymore but also self-publishers - we produce and sell our own discs.

My professional activity has led me to handling by myself with press, organizing concerts, recording my new songs, producing my discs, and designing marketing policies for an artist. That is exactly what recording labels used to deal with. Such policies offered me great oportunities regarding TV and radio as well as concerts with my favorites artists, such as E,L&P, Jethro Tull, Rick Wakeman, Trey Gunn, Fish and others — many of of them also self-publishing artists.
If I add to all that sales via the Internet, I have a feeling that there is no need in labels anymore, at least unless they offer me something new in return.

My discs are having a rest in a locker in my house. They have deserved such
rest, and they will stay there until I decide to republish them at my own
well-organized structure of selling online, or until some label offers me
something more interesting than an outdated contract that is disconnected
with a reality which you can see as soon as you turn on your computer.

Meanwhile, I keep on recording and accumulating songs that will see the light one day, may be even in the next century!, when the music finds the place it really is deserves.

If you are interested in this topic, you can download some articles that I wrote for the Spanish magazine Guitarra Actual. (sorry, it is in spanish) <download PDF>




Mayo 4, 2005

On my recordings, I have begun to work with an interesting software that allows me to record loops in my computer. This way, I can retain excellent sounds for the the songs I regularly play in my concerts!
Through a configuration of different programs, I can play and record the loops simultaneously, or I can make a loop, save the files and send it to my recording program. One of the problems that I have experienced with software when doing loops, is that it did not have recording capabilities on the same channel (overdub), as in equipment such as Jam Man, Repeater and others. But the SooperLooper Program makes this possible (It look like a promotion but is not!). I will show photos here of the current configuration. I download the loops to the Ableton Program -- it is not a program that I regularly use to record in my computer, but on this occasion the SooperLooper-Ableton duo works very well.


click para agrandar
click para agrandar





Abril 19, 2005

I would like to thank my friends at Art Rock of Poland, for their amiable review of my CD, "The Bach Tribute" presented on their web-site. Their words evoked memorable moments for me while doing the recording.
An excerpt from the review :
"... it is very easy to fall into a deep hole with such experiments
impossible for realization or simply to expose yourself to ridicule...but it
does not threaten Cides..."
This is certain..........that often during the creation of this tribute to Bach, I coexisted with the sensation that I was doing something that would possibly be criticized by purists and experts of the works of Bach. The unique and solid element that remained intact in my decision to do this tribute was my fearless respect for the work, the melodies--the beautiful melodies of such porcelain a quality that only time itself has the ability to define.
Each note of that work was really a tribute to that man called "Bach" -- father of 20 children, not only a player of music, but a hero of music, that died ignored by his contemporaries. But I imagine, as I imagined while doing the recording, that this did not matter to him.
Anybody can be concerned only with the making of a name, but there are those that have given it forever in exchange for reaching to the skies through the making of music.

read the article appearing on Polish web-site
(english - spanish - polish idiome available)



March 13th, 2005

Regards from Barcelona!

During the last weeks we were touring with the CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO. We played a live concert on TV and radio. In the few days we shared together, the music gave us nice memories for the future. The CGT was recording for Spanish television and they invited me to play on one of their songs, which was very nice for me. Soon the broadcast will be released on TV and we can announce the information for the broadcast through the internet. This broadcast will also be available in South America. The journalist, Jose Miguel Lopez from Radio3 invited us to the radio station and CGT played live and unplugged at the studio. We did live interviews the entire time we were at Radio3. I also had the opportunity there to play music of my new band, ELECTRIK CONSORT. Thanks, Jose Miguel, for your time!

The concert in Madrid was special for me because it was the third performance of the ELECTRIK CONSORT. With my friend Adria and Cidao, we came to the conclusion that this performance had great energy for all of us and the audience responded very positively. We premiered at this concert a version of the Led Zeppelin song, ¨Cabsha¨ and we included the Hurdy Gurdy in our version of this song. For more information on this new project, you can visit this trio´s section here.

Afterwards, CGT played an incredible concert and once again showed their mastery of their guitars and the audience loved them. Paul, Bert and Idayo played their new CD and also many well-known material from their previous albums. At the conclusion of their show, CGT invited me on-stage to play with them and for me, this will be an unforgettable moment.

click to enlarge

After the Madrid performance, the Spanish tour for CGT took them to Burgos, Cantavria and Gerona, and took me to Cantabria where I played with special guest, American singer, Linda Cushma. We are actually working together on a new project. More information on this on the page below.

click to enlarge

In relation to Burgos and Gerona, I have received several e-mails concerning the announcements of my performances there and to answer these questions :
A new tour manager is now organizing concerts in these cities and others, so I will be there soon with the ELECTRIK CONSORT and thanks for waiting!

click to enlarge

My friend Linda Cushma flew to Barcelona several weeks ago and we have been working hard on a new CD project with Tim Alexander. He is an incredible musician and is the drummer for PRIMUS. We are all recording a CD together and we already have some songs that are really starting to come together. Most of the drum tracks were recorded at Tim´s studio in California and now Linda and I are working on vocals and I am also enjoying recording my Stick on all the tracks. The evenings past quickly working with Linda in the studio. We exchange ideas and opionions concerning the direction for her songs. This part of the composition of the music is one of my favorite things. Linda is an excellent singer with something special in the sound of her voice and I promise to soon present some of the new material we are working on through this web-site. This is one of my favorite songs, -Heart to weep from her last CD with the Oxygene8 band.

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February 7, 2005

Hey, how are you?

So much work here!!! -- and I am excitedly awaiting two important events in the next weeks -- the presentation of the new Guillermo Cides Project and the arrival of my friends Paul, Bert and Hideyo of California Guitar Trio. Both trios will be touring around several cities of Spain -- it sounds great, doesn’t it?
I will also be playing with the CGT on three songs: Punta Patri, Red Iguana y Cosmo Calypso. Good songs full of good music! Especially Punta Patri, for it has an excellent bass line played by Tony Levin.
On Tuesday, February 22nd, CGT we will record on National TV2; on the evening on Tues., Feb. 22nd, you can listen to the CGT and Guillermo Cides on a national radio interview--PROGRAM DISCOPOLIS w/Jose Miguel Lopez.
All tour and interview information can be found on this web page.

Each morning we have rehearsal with our new trio; it is a very special project, with really different instruments that comprise its sound -- Viola de Roda de Adrá Grandía, a very old instrument with which we have incorporated different modern sounds, and Brazilian percussionist, Cidaô, presenting a very special percussion set and stylistic sound.
We play music that allows us to walk through space. You don’t believe that? See our promotional photo!

See you at the shows!




December 29, 2004

My heart is with the disappeared souls of more than 120,000 peoples in Asia.


December 24, 2004

A few days ago I lost my cat.
Yes, I already know that there are more important things than my cat in the world. The newspapers talk about really serious things, of wars, and countries that fight for oil.
That is serious.
But to lose to my cat was my personal tragedy. He is not a common cat: he does not know to walk in the streets like others cat, he is fat -obese- and a little silly. But it is my cat.
I have always believed that this world changes in the same way , and not another way. We, poeple, do not have another way to change the things, except through the ballot boxes, through mobilizations, through the actions, through the culture created by each one.
Aren't all those things perhaps the product of a deprived reasoning, intimate and personal? Have you heard of someone whose changing has begun first in himself and then the rest has come? Then my cat vindicates me with this policy. If I can be touched with the loss of my cat, I can be touched with the loss of people in another part of the world. If it is in me to love at least my cat, then can I try to love other people?

There are great reasons for one Christmas to be sad, and those reasons exist today - I talk about the wars, the unjust distribution of the food in the world, the excessive power of mad presidents, cancer, AIDS, the badly called "third world" -a strange rank invented by the perverse capitalism.
Yes. There are many more reasons for the sad Christmas.
Even though, the Christmas will be a little less sad for me: my cat has returned home this morning.

Merry Christmas




December 13, 2004

"There are a good many people of the same kind as Harry. Many artists are of his kind. These persons all have two souls, two beings within them. There is god and the devil in them; the mother's blood and the father's; the capacity for happiness and the capacity for suffering; and in just such a state of enmity and entanglement towards and within each other as were the wolf and man in Harry. And these men, for whom life has no repose, live at times in their rare moments of happiness with such strength and indescribable beauty, the spray of their moment's happiness is flung so high and dazzlingly over the wide sea of suffering, that the light of it, spreading its radiance touches others too with its enchantment."

The Steppenwolf
Hermann Hesse. 1955.


November 23, 2004

The recent months I have been working on several projects with different musicians, and currently I am working with some others. Here is a resume of my activities activities in the News section.

All the best



November 8, 2004

An anecdote:
A long time ago, I was at a Robert Fripp‚s seminar in Argentina called Guitar Craft Seminars.
This was in a monastery; we were 30 people living togheter for 10 days.
One day, during the lunch, two musicians and me rushed in with the song we had prepared with our guitars.
All the people were having lunch, and we appeared surprisingly.
Mr. Fripp asked us: -Great, music! But, what is the band‚s name?
We looked at each other and said: -Well...we have no name...
He said: -No name! Go out! Come back when you have a name!
And we had to go outside.
Outside, we looked for a name. We chose the name „Trust‰.
We came back to the room again, and then we said: -Hello, we are "Trust‰...
And he said: „This doesn‚t matter to me! Play the music!"

In the evening, he spoke about how important the name is for us.
Not what it means for other people, just what the name means for ourselves.

It's interesting, isn't it?
all the best


30 of October 2004

Hello again.
The last weeks I was on tour with Trey Gunn.
I must say that it was an historical fact in two ways:

1) Personally, I got to know Trey Gunn in Argentina when King Crimson got together for the first time after many years. The gathering took place in Buenos Aires where they were rehearsing and living for a few weeks. After that they played in several concerts in a big city theater. The rest is already the history well-known by everybody. One of those nights I had luck to play for all of them at a dinner. Can you imagine being a novice with the Stick and going to the stage in the restaurant and in front of you there are sitting Gunn, Masteloto, Belew, Bruford ... and all the staff of engineers of King Crimson?
That was how i met them!
That night I gave a present to the musicians that was a tape with the first recordings of my still non-existing "El Mundo interior de los planetas".
I remember that the last one to whom I gave the tape was Adrian Belew and the dialog was more or less like that:

G.: Adrian, I would like to give you also my music...
Adrian: Oh! thanks, that is good, because I have asked a copy of it from Trey...
G: Ah! You wanted to make an illegal copy of my tape! (laughing)
Adrian: (laughting)... the time of each of us comes!

Adrian was right!
Finally, and after many years and stories, Trey and I met again on the stage stage, this time in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid).
For me it meant to close a circle in my history.
Thank you very much Trey Gunn for letting my music sound in your show.

2) It has been the first time, after so many controversies (Stick vs. Warr, Music vs. Music, bands vs. bands)... the first time that a Stickist related to the spreading of the instrument Stick, the organizer of the Center of Stickistas in Argentina and the Stick Center in Spain as it is my case, plays in a concert together with Trey Gunn, now one of the main spreaders of the Warr Guitar.
This time the music has won.
It has won in an attempt to create art, each one from his small world, with the desire to make something valuable that will really endure time.
It has been an attempt of two people who both decided to offer with our artistic actions what after all we came to offer to this world: Music.
It was a weekend of much adrenalin for everybody, including the producers of the shows, with laughter and also with moments of speed.

My final summary: other music is possible.
Play it!


fotos del tour




10 September 2004

Today my boys will be playing in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a Concert of Stickistas that they organized themselves.
I'm sending them from Barcelona my best wishes and I hope the music will appear in the theater where they will play tonight.
One of the most emotional moments of a show are the moments which come before it. This nervousness and this state of emotional acuteness are probably one of the best pleasures that a musician experiences during his artistic life
I hope they have the best "nervous moments" before the show, and "the best discharge" during the show.
I hope that the participants - the musicians, the companions and the public - will be caught by the magic of music that they will offer to the audience.

Good luck and much music!



3 september

Strange world it is that calls onus to live.
Tonight I want to write something to all of you: there is no much time left to try it.
This it is the moment to try to be happy.
And the only way is to let ourselves go off where we are holding tight to remain on our feet.
In music it is the same as in life, or you try it definitively, or you leave it forever.
It is worth trying.
Try it.




September 1

Good day, world...
Here I am again.
There is too much work.

-) The Concert of Stickistas in Buenos Aires organized by the Stick Center and 8 excelent musicians such as Gustavo Vidal, Bernardo Dominguez, Dirseus, Jose Albarracin, Daniel Mastrorilli, Daniel Sánchez, Matias Betti, and Miguel Lopez.
How many Stick Nights have we already had, my friends? 25? 28? 30? I don't remember yet, and I'm happy to know that we'll have one more. But what I do remember is the first Concert of Stick held in Argentina. I remember it because I went mad in a bar called Nativo downtown Buenos Aires! Then there was only one little cutting in a newspaper telling about that historical event - it was only I who new it would become historical, the rest of the world went its own way!
Later the Stick bacame popular in Argentina thanks to hard promotional/artistic work of the Center of Stickistas in Argentina, but basically thanks to the benevolence of the musicians who were always at those events, and thanks to the public that was willing to attend those "Concerts with no history" - here I'd like to call them the shows that never existed before in the history of music. That is true. Good luck, boys, I know you'll have a great concert once again. Info

--) Guitarra Actual Magazine: we keep on writing the Stick Pages of the Stick Center in the Spanish magazine, providing information on the Stick, its artists, equipment, history etc... You can see it at

---) Recording with Diego Blanco on Mallorca: the stickistas Xavi Oró, Diego Blanco and I were combining our days of the sun and the sea with recordings for the album of Diego. Very interesting moments.

----) A new Stick Project with the English Stickist Jim Lampi has been born. Soon there will be news regarding it.

-----) More rehearsals with Electrik Consort , sounds very good, I'm very happy with this Project.

------) Interviews in some newspapers of Argentina and Spain. Soon I will send the material to the webmaster to make it available on this web site.

------) If you are reading this, that's because you are alive. Besides of its being great news, isn't it luck? Hugs..


_' )


6 Agost 2004

My webmaster has shown me today the statistics of downloads of this web site and A nice surprise - for me at least- was that the video recorded at the concert in France had been downloaded 584 times in only 15 days (39 downloads per day).
I must be thankful to all of you for your interest in my music.
It has inspired me to work with more energy on my DVD and we are thinking about putting new videos online.

5 of August 2003

The days pass fast in Barcelona, and soon I will take vacation - the islands of Mallorca are my favorites. I will take advantage of my stay there to play some shows. The Russian Israeli stickista Irene Orleansky has asked me to record in her new album. It has been a very pleasant experience, we have recorded through Internet, because she was in a recording studio in Russia and I was here in Barcelona!. Her interpretation is very good and the album will be available in the near future. Her way of playing the bass part of the Stick is really interesting, and she has been playing only for a few months. A woman with the Stick will give a little fresh air to this universe where male Stickistas are in majority. Soon we will offer some mp3s to you, keep in contact. You will find something of her music in the section of Stickistas of



July 21 again

I have replied several mails that contained the same question: what does the theme "The days to come" mean? (the song in the summary of the concert with Jethro Tull )
I composed this song some time ago. In fact, this is a song of self-encouragement that was supposed to lift my spirits at the moments of being tired. It is still managing to do that, because it lets me think that nothing is lost yet, that there are still days to come, and that it is possible to do what you want to do The song does not have lyrics, but it says with its chords: "- go!, jump up to the Sun..., the world is still beautiful, do the best to be happy ". It is one of those songs that your compose for yourself, and for some strange reason of communication, when you play it, people feel something similar, as if in its notes reflected the sense that gave origin to it.



July 21, 2004

This morning my webmaster showed me a new video optimized for the Internet.This video is a part of a DVD on which we worked together with my friend and stickista Pierre de Boismenu days ago and which shows the concert that I gave in France. It will be probably the DVD of this live concert that we will publish in the near future.
I remember well how I participated in Allaire Festival in France, one of a few tapping festivals in the world, where the Artistic is prevailing over the Demonstrative. This is also my first video distributed on the Internet. After the years of ostracism and confinement in my own music, the moment has come to share a part of it with the audience through the Internet. I must say that I hadn't believed in this way of communication until my webmaster showed me the statistics of visits of the site.
The Stick Center has been transformed into a place frequented by hundreds of people, possibly in search of music: that is what I want to imagine. So I offer you a complete song in video format. Enjoy it.


Juliy 12 . 2004

Good morning,

Many people ask me about the Cd of Bach Tribute.
I have to say that it will not be available for a while. The reason for its absence is purely political. I have decided to keep my CDs in a drawer with the hope that a label with good intentions will give it new life. We all know of the "Fall of the iceberg" - that is how I call the collapse of major labels - the act that we are observing day by day.
Finally, after mistreating the music in all the possible ways, it seems like the situation has reversed for them. The best way for a musician is concerts, it has always been like that and will always be. Now companies want a "slice" of shows and copyright of CDs . I have decided to break contracts with my label, and now I am the only one who can take decisions about them.For this, I had decided to put my energy into live concerts. The result of this is the Stick Projects that you will be able to see and listen to on this web site.
Anyway, the good news occured on Friday, the 2nd of July at 14 o'clock, when I had lunch with two English producers in Barcelona. They are interested in releasing all my CDs on conditions favouring firstly music . If this lunch brings fruit, the CDs will be available again soon in greater number.



July 7, 2004

Good morning, and excuse my english.

Finally we have a more organized Web site...
These days, the joke on the matter was that the old "" ended up being called ""! (a joke for webmasters...)

A couple of days ago, has published in its page Web an article that I have written about Artists or Demonstrator.
You can read it in or the spanish version in
Possibly, it has generated some controversy on the matter expressed in forums and mails sent.
That's good.
From always I have thought that in the forums of musicians, the items of discussion are about things that are not too fundamental to the fact to make music - for me at least-; to the early reason by which we decided to have one Stick.
For that reason I tried to collaborate with my article.
When I entered the Internet world, I imagined to the musicians interchanging his mp3, and telling each to others about the reason of his compositions; what its meaning; and this types of things. I had thought about the forums like an exit for us for to feel not so along in the world of the Stick and its music, where the executants are not many - at least not in your district area.
Nevertheless, it seemed to be more worrisome a screw of the bridge of the Stick, that its possible songs - without being inferior the screws of the bridge of the Stick.
I do not mean that forums are not necessary, I only make notice the absence of which I understand important, for not to say fundamental.
It also was one of the reasons by which we made the biggest data base of mp3 in Internet of musica played with Stick -see MP3 Collection.
At least now, which I imagined in the beginning is now partly reality.

I have written a review of my experience with Jethro Tull that you will find in the News of this Web. I only can add that for me it was a great experience, much more of which can to aim an unknowed musician with an unknowed instrument

See you next letter.




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